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Volunteers are those who help with various tasks in the Garden, like gardening, watering, housekeeping, office duties, open hours, and reading to children.


Interns commit to a set schedule every week with a minimum of 2 hours for the summer/winter/spring.  They have goals, build skills, and work on projects designed with Garden staff.  We coordinate with COS and WHCC if you are enrolled in a class, but this is not a requirement for an internship.  We are currently looking for interns in marketing, education, horticulture (plants and gardening), art, and office management.  


We are currently accepting applications for our winter & spring internships.  Email Maryse at and let us know if you are interested in office manager, horticulture, creative arts, marketing, or education.  These unique opportunities are instructive, memorable, and fun!

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