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Gratitude to all these most generous supporters of the Garden!

Please support these wonderful folks who have supported the Garden!

  • John and Victoria Tos Family Foundation

  • Champi Fence

  • Allen Laird Plumbing

  • Hanford Granite

  • Mike Crain Heating and Air

  • Randy McNary Construction

  • Dan Veyna, Sierra Landscape & Design

  • Zumwalt-Hansen & Associates, Inc.

  • Kings Federal Credit Union

  • Home Depot

  • Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP

  • Bettencourt Farms

  • Superior Soils Supplements, Andria Fike

  • Jose Sanchez Designs

  • Leprino Foods Inc.

  • Alex Horvath, Custom Built Homes

  • Friends of the Garden

Gratitude is not enough of a remarkable word to express our feelings for the generosity of the John and Victoria Tos Family Foundation. 

A huge thank you to Hanford Granite who, from the very beginning, has helped us so much by making all the memory bricks as their donation to the Garden!


Thank you to Overland Stockyards for generously sponsoring the Beginner's Dinosaur Garden.

Thank you to Craig and Lisa Johnson who have generously sponsored the Tank House restoration.

Thank you to Jan & Bob Junell who have generously sponsored the Garden Shed, the Secret Garden, and Huckleberry Creek.

Randy McNary for building and donating Mr. McGregor's House and for building the Monet House and the Van Gogh House!

Kings Rehabilitation Center for sponsoring the handicap ramp into the Victorian House Museum!

​Joe Robinson for his generous cement laying talents and all the other generous donations he made over the 6 years it took us to open.

Koinonia Church for building the Blue Star Memorial planting box. Thank you Josh!

Peggy Horner for designing and planting the topiaries for the Topiary Garden.

Dan Veyna and Kay Hutmaker of Landscape Design INC. in Visalia for their generous donation of time and talent over all these years!

Rose Radmacher of Landscape Design in Visalia for her continued help with designing.

Summer's Engineering has designed Mr. McGregor's Home and the Monet House.

Home Depot for painting the Victorian House, to Ray for building our Hand Washing Station, and the many other donations they continue to make.  We are so very grateful!

Zumwalt-Hansen & Associates, Inc. have believed in us from the very beginning and continue to be a huge supporter of this Garden.  They have drawn many, many plans for us!

Thank you to Mike Miya for your continued support!

Mike Crain of Crain's Air Conditioning has generously donated the heating and air units for the Victorian and the Museum and will help us set the antique lamps!

Alan Laird Plumbing has trenched for the gas and electricity and has completed all the water lines! We now have water, thanks to you!

Gar-Bennett Water Systems have donated the water-wise irrigation system. 

We are ever so grateful to Santa Fe Storage for their financial support!  You are awesome!

Thank you to Champi Fence for your continued support and your awesome generosity for all the beautiful new fences!  You are wonderful and generous!

Thank you to Errol Vetter for his engineering help! He designed the restoration plans for the Victorian!

Thank you to the Dairy Council of California for the beautiful and educational banners displayed in Charlotte's Dairy Barn.  

Thank you to Debbie Jones for her most generous donations and sponsorships! You are a blessing to our community and to this Garden!

Thank you to Emily Falk, a dear friend and engineering student at Cal Poly, who helped to design the Stone Cottage!

Thank you to Pat Gomez for helping us to design buildings.

Thank you to Mattos Underground
for your generous support!

Ray Atkins of Atkins Construction Inc.and his crew for restoring the Victorian. 

Thank you to the wonderful men at Champion's Recovery!  You are always such great help, you come early in the mornings and work hard.  You inspire us!


Thank you to Simon & Sons for your generosity of the Porta Potty! We are grateful!

Thank you to Kings Federal Credit Union for our partnership!

Kings United Way, for your wonderful support in both bringing amazing volunteers to us and for awarding the Garden your grants!

Thank you ScottsMiracle-Gro!  We are ever so grateful for your generous grant so that we could send children home with their very own little "plant of hope"!

Thank you to the Central California Women's Conference for awarding us your grants!

Thank you Andria Fike of Soil Solutions for your continued garden wisdom and generosity!

You help make the Garden grow!

A.S. Danielson's Rentals and Action Rental's you both are amazing and generous!

The City of Hanford for your generosity, patience and help!

To Hanford Elementary School District for being the visionaries you are and knowing the growing evidence that nutrition education used in conjunction with youth gardening positively impacts child and adolescent nutrition. 

CA Retired Teachers for sponsoring the Three Pigs Garden.

Huge thanks to Tony and Irene Mendes for sponsoring both of the Seasonal Gardens!

To Carmen and Larry Bettencourt for their continued help in everything we do from plowing the property, to donating anything we need every year!  You are both wonderful!

And speaking of wonderful, Bill and Jean Gundacker help us in so many ways, we would not be where we are today without the two of you!

A huge "Thank You" to Debbie Jones for all your donations and support!

Sweet Palette Bakery, whom every year has donated all the desserts for our Derby Day Fundraising Event!  You are delicious and fabulous!

L.E. Cook Company who donated all the fruit trees, berry vines, and grapevines. Thank you for being so generous!

We are grateful for the Lemoore Odd Fellows Lodge #280 for your very kind and generous donation.

And... thank you to all those early on supporters who sponsored Gardens when there was nothing going on yet, but knew we needed their support: Bill & Jean Gundacker, Bob & Jan Janell, Dean & Barbara Osterling, Linda Nielsen, Barbara & Wayne Tolle, Larry & Judy Wait, Leprino Foods, ConAgra Bank & Farm Credit West, Quay Family Charitable Trust, Kahn, Soares & Conway,  Mike Crain Heating & Air, Home Depot, Champi Fence, and Hanford Granite.


Thank you to all the wonderful folks who continue to support us by purchasing trees, bricks, roses, furnishings, supplies, plants and fundraising tickets to our events, sending in donations and just spreading the good news about the Children's Storybook Garden & Museum. 

We thank you all for your love, support & generosity!

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