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Wish List

 Items We Need For The Garden

If you have things you want to donate to the Garden that are not on our list, please call us first! ​ We have very little space left.

  • Paper towels, dish soap

  • Children's gardening tools

  • Chart Paper

Garden Wish List 

*  A new garden shed to go behind the Victorian House. Sponsorship: about $5,000.00

*  Someone to weld metal sponsor sign holders  (call Judy for details: 559-341-4845)

Items You May Have At Home

  • For baking: cookie sheets, pot holders, spatulas, muffin pans

  • Foil, plastic wrap, disposal cups of any size, paper plates



  • Windmill for the tank house

  • Old fashioned hand water pump

  • Old dishpans

  • Old irons

  • Washing tubs 

  • Antique child's bicycle or tricycle 

  • Antique children's toys

  • Small old fashioned baby clothes

  • General Store Sign (could just look old fashioned)

  • Icebox (doesn't have to work)

  • Ticking & Flour bags to show how mattresses & dresses were made

  •  Inkpot for old school desk, fountain pen with a working nib


  • Bilingual Readers - specifically English/Spanish needed, but all languages welcome!

  • Volunteers with special skills or talents: building talents, gardening skills, painting,  just helping where needed!

  • Check out our Volunteer Page: Click Here

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